The end of one alarm. The beginning of another?

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 10th May, 2021

This moment was desired for so long that I am not in a position to understand whether or not we are ready for the next level. How are our phobic circuits doing? Are they degreased enough to bond with each other? Can the aura of self-defense that each of us has built up to keep the other out be broken? What will our hygiene pawns say when faced with a cough or a sneeze nearby? Will they let it pass like when we were happy non-incubators of viruses or will they go on the attack with all their might?
It is worth noting that we have already experienced this situation last summer where we were terrified not by a film character but by the ignorance of not knowing how to act and not knowing how to comply. In short, not knowing. With the proposed debauchery in the 2020 swimming costume season, the virus has taken off and all that was given is over before the discount time is announced. The urgency to reactivate the economy, the drops of tourism that had to be collected before they evaporate, the epidemiological updates, and so on.
I repeat: not knowing.
Have we learned anything? Or will the inevitable and also justified sigh of redemption that this end of the state of emergency leaves us with worse consequences in some time? Hoping that vaccination will advance, that young people will not be so selfish, and that governments will drop their trousers, we begin this old-new stage of "freedom"; a word that tastes sweet to me today, 9 May 2021.
Let us pray.

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