Searching the perspective of a future

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"Speaking without perspective is like looking through a keyhole. You see the other side, but only halfway".

One year on from the pandemic, we have learned interesting things. We have learned that solidarity and empathy are adjectives that are too big for many. That paranoia and misinformation have been and continue to be co-authors of a film that never seems to end and that is wearing down the psyche of many, if not all. Human beings imprisoned by fear can behave irrationally, placing personal survival above all else and at all costs. The applause and recognition of the health and other personnel who have done what was not available, especially their strength and resources, to overcome this chaotic stage of the world is a long way off because no one was prepared for what happened and is still happening, and this is precisely where the first and biggest mistake lies. Not preparing and not redirecting necessary resources to the sectors that matter and save lives affects billions of people not only clinically but personally, whether for work or for satellite issues that were truncated more than a year ago, and many are still stuck longing for better pasts and prosperous futures looking out the window as those who pull the strings say and rectify themselves. We are all guilty. We are all responsible. But few are those who can make it grow again and even fewer are those who did everything right from the start.

There are positive things, yes there are.
Where? Surely in some warehouse waiting to be shipped.

Ph: Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay

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